Chatting to loved ones and creative expression has never been this fun! With kChat, kids can:

Send text and voice messages

Share animated stickers and photos

Doodle to their hearts’ content

Kids are 100% safe messaging on kChat.

Kids don’t need to have a phone number

Parents have full control over who their kids talk to

kChat is specifically designed to be used and enjoyed by kids. Easy navigation, simplicity in design, and clever use of icons make kChat suitable for children aged 5 and up.

What Users Say About kChat

“With kChat, I have complete peace of mind knowing that my kids can message their friends or our family and they are always 100% safe. kChat works in such a way that it’s impossible for strangers or unwanted people to contact my girls.”

Phillip, father of Maria (10) and Chloe (6)

“kChat is great for my daughter because she’s only been reading and writing a year. kChat helps her to practice these skills in a fun way, but we also have the option to communicate via voice messages.”

Dianna, mother of Kimberly (7)

“I really like kChat. I wasn’t allowed to text my friends before, but now I can talk to them whenever I want. I’ve got a group with lots of friends, and I like that we can all talk together.”

Seth (9)